• Are you tired and confused trying to understand popular dating rules and games?
  • Do you wonder if you should just give up on dating because maybe you’re just not cut out for a relationship?
  • Do you feel like you’re being a picky bitch asking for the relationship that you really want?

Been there, done that,
wrote the book about it!

We cracked the code on major dating mistakes that keep wasting your time and energy in the complicated world of online dating.

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The shift you must make to stop feeling
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You’ll hear real-life dating stories from the trenches illustrating the 3 secrets you're going to learn. No airy fairy Prince Charming generalizations!

And finally, you’ll learn of an opportunity to help you trust yourself in the dating game… and get the guy!

Who we are:

Co-authors of the best selling book, 
The Dating Mirror:
Trust Again, Love Again

Two girlfriends from two different backgrounds, personalities, and age brackets who, despite all our differences, have had eerily similar dating experiences. 

We’ve dated the losers, the users and abusers and have come out the other 
end with more knowledge and life experience than 
we knew was there! 

We both have a passion for helping women just like you to find love, no matter what happened to you in the past.

Diana Dorell is a third-generation medicine 
woman, healer and 
coach who helps her  clients release their  love blocks, trust 
their intuition and find 
love again, starting 
within themselves. She can be found on twitter @dancinggoddess and on her website 

Maryellen Smith has been a writer since the age of five and is a marketing and small business branding genius. 

She is passionate about helping people embrace reinvention in their lives. She can be found on her website  ReinventionQueen.com


My online dating experience was only a four-month journey, but long enough to say that Maryellen and Diana have hit the nail on the head!

Kim M.

If you're single and tired of feeling crazy and alone, Diana and Maryellen will set you straight and give you super simple tips that actually work!

Kathi Casey

A breath of fresh air to the dating perspective. These ladies blend their intuitiveness and experience with dating insights. Ladies, we are in this together!

Maria San Juan