Hi! My name is Diana Dorell and I work with smart, spiritually-open, successful women just like you who have created the life that they want but know deep down inside that something is missing. The problem is that you have created a lifestyle, but you forgot how to have a life!

Do you feel a bit disconnected from yourself and your Spirit?

Do you go through a large part of your day feeling isolated and alone, wondering if you’re ever going to find friends who don’t think you’re crazy or weird for being into ‘woo woo stuff’?

What if you could:

  • Wake up in the morning smiling for no reason?
  • Have more energy than you know what to do with because you know when to put the brakes on before you get burned out?
  • Feel freer than you’ve ever felt before just by saying NO, guilt-free and doing what you want for a change?
  • Feel peaceful and calm, even when the shit hits the fan and you get negative energy hurled at you because they had a bad day?
  • Make the right decision the first time (imagine how much time, money and energy you would save!)
  • Ask for what you need and want…and be treated like a Goddess because you know how to take excellent care of yourself?

That’s exactly what the “Self-Care for Your Soul” is designed to help you with!

Over the next 12 weeks together, you’ll receive:

  • Self-care lessons and tools in our exclusive self-care library to help you connect to yourself and block out the noise of your everyday world.This is going to help you stop second-guessing your decisions and asking everyone and their dog what you should do. You’ll learn how to trust yourself and make the right decision the first time! And the best part? You have 24/7 access to these so you can watch the videos and do them at a pace that matches your schedule.
  • Two LIVE! calls (1 content training + 1 group energy clearing and Angel message circle!) from Diana to help you stay accountable, get out of your own way and clear out the negative energy and crap from other people (and your own thoughts! ) Yay for a high-vibe, clear, positive space!This is going to make you way more pleasant to be around and you can’t help but have that IT factor when you walk into your office. Imagine what you could create for THAT place?
  • Fun, easy rituals you can do by yourself or with friends for the Full Moon and New Moons monthly to help you let go of the old and manifest the new! (hello more money, more dates, and less stress!)
  • 3 Exclusive masterclass trainings with a special guest teacher on areas that affect your Spirit everyday (your health, money/finances, relationships, etc)
  • Weekly accountability, connection and laser coaching with Diana via our private community of like-minded ladies to help you stop going at it alone (you know the lone-wolf thing ain’t workin so well!) and have a place to let your hair down and share your fears and your wins from the week with zero-judgement!


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  • Every member receives a 1:1 30-minute intuitive reading or energy healing tune-up with Diana included to help you get your burning questions answered with practical and spiritual advice on what you can do to move closer to where you want to be. ($150 value)
  • VIP priority registration to any in-person gatherings or retreats Diana offers (locations vary) so you can have some face-time with the ladies that you’ve befriended and connected with in the Circle and have a transformative vacation filled with life-changing ah-has as well as relaxation in luxurious surroundings getting pampered like the Goddess you are! (can I get an AMEN?!)

Self Care for the Soul is not just a regular membership community. It is truly a spiritual experience that can change your life. It is a cross between Hogwarts School of Magic (for the Practical folks like you and me) and an ongoing fireside heart-to-heart with your best girlfriends. Or yourself.

Taking care of yourself will be a must-have, non-negotiable priority, not a luxury.

Life will feel easier and way more freeing.

And best of all, you won’t break the bank to feel centered and alive again.

I have created a place that shows you how to make the world your oyster by simply following spiritual law, ancient ritual and practical tools. I break down the process of following your own inner guidance system at the drop of a hat so that nothing rattles your world.

You rattle and rule your world.

Like a Goddess.

Are you ready to put the fun back in your life again and feel more connected and peaceful than you ever have before?

Because it's important to me that everyone that joins gets to go deep and receive attention, I've kept this group deliberately intimate.

Investment: Two options!

option 1: 4 payments of $129 


option 2: $497 in full. (best savings)

There are no refunds for this program and a full 12-week committment is required to provide a safe container for you and other participants to connect, learn and grow. 

New to working with Diana?

Here's what past clients have to say!

"She has helped me become more present in my busy, everyday world, which has been such a blessing to me!”

“Diana is amazing! What a gift she has…she articulates her knowledge in such a loving and beautiful way and is able to put your mind in a receptive place. Her voice is soothing and her inner and outer beauty utterly mesmerizing. She has helped me become more present in my everyday world which has been such a blessing to me! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Diana…she is definitely sharing her gifts with the world in a most magnificent way!!”

-Gigi Belmonico, CEO of “The Bombshell Factor™”

Issue: Feeling blocked around raising her rates/trusting her intuition

“I had resisted raising my rates and couldn’t figure out what the block was until I worked with Diana."

The block dissolved and I realized what I want to do is to help people reconnect to their soul’s destiny and find their true calling in life and in work. I can now focus on truly defining my offerings and adding more value to my signature ones, which is so thrilling! Diana brings all the intuitive gifts from her lineage to the table and is skilled at inquiry and digging deep beneath the surface of an issue. Anyone who is struggling with a block or is ready for more clarity on their life purpose would greatly benefit from working with her.

Sherold Barr, Life Strategist at www.sheroldbarr.com

I learned more ways to take back my power!

“Since working with Diana I have learned more ways to take back my power in tandem with other spiritual practices and truth-seeking as I increase faith in myself and my abilities. She has helped me to get back on my path when I’ve drifted and I feel a sense of sisterly connection with her. Diana has a kind and gentle soul and is always a pleasure to work with. I have and will further recommend her to folks seeking help with stepping outside of the norm and into positive, loving ways towards greater potential of self.”

~Melanie Burton, R.M., A.R.P., Divine Spiritual and Natural Healer